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4th May 2014

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I’m pretty sure I can find more than 5000 Swan Queen shippers in tumblr. Let’s try? 

Reblog if you ship it

Almost 1000! awesome 

Viva la SwanQueen!!! 

There are lots of us. We’re just really distracted by the Evil Queen’s boobs so this doesn’t have the notes it should have. 

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3rd May 2014

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Anonymous said: That sneak peek, zelenas take down was way too easy. It was odd that regina gets everything she wants... Being a hero, white magic, Henry back... So it kind of made me wonder if Regina was in a curse already. Just a feeling. Hood grabs Regina's heart, yes we've seen how good he is at holding onto it. He'll prob steal it back and cast the curse himself.


The problem with the sneak peek is that we have no idea how early it comes in the episode. If there’s 10/15 minutes left then there’s still time to cast the curse. 

Unfortunately with this show whenever they give Regina any moment of happiness they do tend to throw in a curse! 

I’m hoping Regina will be given her heart back because at the moment I think she will escape the curse but she’ll be the only one who knows setting it up for a Season Four where she has to go and save her family. 

I think Robin casting the curse would be very interesting. 

I personally believe as well that the curse will be cast but not by Zelena. Robin or Rumpel would be interesting as you say. 

I really hope that Zelena gets a second chance and she can become a supportive family member for Regina. It would be intersting to see them team up to save the others from the curse.

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22nd April 2014

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Regina `omg I’m so in love why do you have to be so perfect Emma I wanna punch you with my mouth please marry me’ Mills

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9th April 2014

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"i don’t always realize what i have right in front of me…"

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28th March 2014

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21st March 2014

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Once Upon A Time in Jail

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20th March 2014

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Regina hotandfabulous Mills appreciation post.

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20th March 2014

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I’m not a native speaker so I’m sorry about all grammar and spelling mistakes.

Summary: Story is set around 3x13. Zelena confronts her sister. Family fluff.

The ringing of the doorbell startled Regina. She had been sitting on the couch reading a book and enjoying a good wine. It was quite late and she didn’t know who could be bothering her that late. Slowly she rose moaning quietly as she felt the blood running back into her leg making her leg feel like it was filled with a thousand ants. It took her so long to reach the front door that she was sure that whoever rang the bell would already be gone.
However that was not the case. In front of the door stood a woman Regina had never seen in Storybrook before. But that didn’t have to mean anything. She still hadn’t managed to gain her memories of the past year back so it was possible that she knew the woman anyway.
“Hello. Who are you? What do you want?” Regina asked with her best mayoral voice.
“Hello. My name is Zelena.” The woman outside her house tilted her head to the side and looked at Regina expectantly. As if she’d hope for some sign of recognition.
“And? What do you want?” Regina tried to sound completely unimpressed but in fact she was desperately trying to remember the woman in front of her.
“I hoped that we could…talk” the red-haired woman said.
“Talk? About what? How do you know me?” The longer the conversation was going on the more nervous Regina got. Who was this woman and why was she standing on her porch that late in the evening.
“Could we maybe go inside to talk? It is hard to tell you in passing.” Regina took a step back and allowed her visitor to enter. Regina did not know why she was letting a complete stranger and on top a potentially dangerous woman into her house. Hopefully this wouldn’t backfire.
Regina led the woman in her study and offered her a glass of apple cider. Zelena accepted gratefully.
“So what do you want to talk about? I don’t like being kept waiting. Either you tell me right now or you leave!” Regina said after five minutes of awkward silence.
Zelena cleared her throat and smiled at Regina. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes.
“I’m sorry” She didn’t sound as if she was sorry. “You don’t remember me, do you?”
Regina bid down on her lower lips in an attempt to not give away the truth which would put her in a weaker position.
“You don’t have to say anything. Of course you can’t remember. But I do, because I cast the curse.”
Regina took one step back from the wall. “What? Who are you?”
“I’m the wicked witch of the west”
“That’s you? I thought you were green?” Regina said in a mocking tone. Zelena didn’t look very amused.
“Yes, very funny. If that’s the first thing you asked I’ve definitely overestimated you.”
That made Regina stop and look at the red-haired woman angrily. “You definitely didn’t. Why did you cast the curse? Is this about power? Can you only exercise power if no one can stop you because they can’t remember. This is ridiculous and it almost makes me pity you. Almost.”
“Stop it!” Zelena roared and furiously stood up from the couch. “This curse is not about power. It’s about revenge! It is about you! I came here because I can’t stand it anymore! You once again get everything although this is supposed to be a punishment for you! But you get your son and this, what do these two idiots call her, savior back! It’s not fair.”
Regina frowned. “About me? How can this be about me? I don’t even know you!”
“Exactly, that’s the problem. I’m your sister but we were never able to meet because Cora- mother- gave me away while she kept you! You! In which way are you better than me! Was it because of my skin color? That may be a little flaw for Cora but I am otherwise a perfect daughter. I would have been able to live up to her expectations! But I never got a chance in contrary to you! But now the roles are reversed. Our mother is dead and you are no longer mommie’s darling-“
“I was never “mommie’s darling”” Regina interrupted the other woman. She didn’t even question Zelena’s revelation that she was her sister. She just accepted it. It truly sounded like something her mother would have done.
“What?! What is that supposed to mean? Of course you were she always did everything to help you and to provide you with the best life possible!”
“Mother was a selfish bitch whose only concern was me gaining power. She killed my fiancé and made me marry a king who could have been my grandfather! And Rumpelstiltkin by the way only used me! He made me enact the curse so he could look for his son in this realm. I, as a person, didn’t mean anything to either of them. I understand that you feel neglected and of course you have every right to feel like that but don’t believe that I’ve been better off because that’s simply not true.”
Once again an uncomfortable silence settled upon them.
“So” Zelena started once more. “Does that mean that everything I’ve done was completely in vain because there was no reason for me to be jealous?”
Regina nodded. “Maybe it doesn’t have to be in vain. You could come over for dinner tomorrow and we could talk some more…you know, getting to know each other. You’re my sister after all and I could really need someone in my corner and you need someone in yours. We could be a family you know.”
Zelena smiled. “I…would love that. So tomorrow?”
Regina nodded and smiled. Zelena then turned around and made her way back to the front door.
“Ah, Zelena, wait. About the curse: can you undo it? Can you give us our memories back?”
Zelena suddenly looked quite uncomfortable. “Maybe that’s not a good idea.”
“Why not?”
“Well, in Fairytale Land bad things happened. I wasn’t, well, very nice to you and the townsfolk. I bet there would be a witch hunt.” She laughed bitterly.
“No there won’t. I won’t let anything happen to you. Just break the curse and then come back. We’ll figure something out.”
“Thank you” Zelena said sounding completely genuine.
“You are welcome. We are family after all.”

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20th March 2014

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I’m not a native speaker and I’m sorry for all grammar and spelling mistakes.

Prompt: Regina keeps doing heroic things to save people, everyone think that she’s becoming a hero, but Emma (or Henry) realizes that she keeps getting herself in dangerous situations because she wants to die.

“Long live Regina!” The people of Storybrook screamed. It seemed like the whole town was stuffed into the diner to celebrate Regina’s most recent heroic action during the fire in the school. Without giving it another thought she’d run into the building ushering the little children out of their classrooms and out of the school. Thanks to Regina every child had survived and only a few had to be treated in the hospital with some minor burns. Regina on the other hand had suffered some more severe injuries that resulted in her having to stay a couple of days in hospital. That was also the reason why the party at Granny’s diner in honor of Regina, the town’s new hero, had to take place more than a week later. Saving the school children wasn’t the first heroic action Regina had done, actually it was the latest incident in a row of incidents in which Regina had played a decisive role. And every time Regina had endangered her own life in order to save others and the town was celebrating her braveness.
“Okay, everyone, give her some space to breath!” Emma said laughingly. The sheriff was dressed in her infamous red leather jacket and her skin-tight jeans. Regina smiled at her gratefully. Normally she wasn’t uncomfortable while being surrounded by large groups but today she wasn’t up to it.
“Hey, Regina. You are our new hero, how does that feel?” Emma asked curiously. In the time after Neverland Regina and Emma had become quite close and in the end they were even able to agree on a shared-custody arrangement for their son Henry.
Regina only shrugged and absentminded played with the sleeves of her elegant dark red blouse. “It’s okay.” Her voice was small and Emma could hardly hear her over the noises in the diner.
“Regina, are you alright?” Emma asked worriedly. She placed a comforting hand on the brunette’s shoulder and looked deeper into the brown eyes in front of her.
“Yes, I’m fine. I mean why shouldn’t I? Everything is…fine, just fine.” Regina answered her voice getting quieter and quieter until her last words were barely more than a whisper. To Emma this answer was not at all satisfying. “You know you can talk to me about everything. I’m not your enemy and I would even dare to say that you are my friend, okay?”
Regina nodded and gave her a quick smile. She just didn’t seem like her former self, not at all powerful and in control. She looked small, innocent and very sad. Suddenly Ruby appeared next to them and pulled Emma towards the dance floor. Regina made her way over to a booth in the back and on her way grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass from behind the counter.
For a couple of minutes Regina enjoyed not having to talk to anybody about her heroic action. She was just too tired to do so. So tired. For a short moment Regina thought about going home and going to bed using some irrelevant excuse. But she quickly dismissed the thought. This was a party for her and wasn’t this the attention she’d craved for all this time? Her train of thoughts was interrupted by a small boy squeezing in beside her.
“Hey Mom! I’m so proud of you! You’ve really changed, I’m so proud. Are you happy?” Henry rambled and Regina pulled him into a hug to prevent being obligated to answer Henry’s question. To be honest she wouldn’t be able to answer the question about her happiness. Her personal situation was better than before. Henry liked to spend time with her, she had a new friend in Emma and the townspeople didn’t despise her anymore. But one the other hand her mother was dead, her past caused her nightmares so that every night she woke up screaming and she was still all alone in her mansion because Henry was still living with Emma. Every night when she laid awake in her bed staring out of the window crying herself to sleep she felt the darkness pressing down on her. It seemed to press down on her until she could hardly breathe anymore. In those moments she felt like she couldn’t live on like this. She needed someone near her, someone to hug her and someone to fight the darkness crushing down on her.
“I’m fine Henry” Regina answered and Henry seemed to be satisfied with the answer. Actually she had told a lot of people lately that she was fine, repeating it like a mantra hoping that in the end she would believe it herself and that her life could finally continue in some kind of normalcy.
“Are you sure mom? You don’t look happy although you should. You’ve saved so many people last week! You’ve finally redeemed yourself! I’ve seen you and Kathryn talking earlier are you friends again?” Henry asked excitedly and Regina laughed quietly. He was so naïve to really believe that she had already redeemed herself. The amount of lives she’d saved were nothing compared to the amount of lives she had destroyed during her times of being the Evil Queen.
“I’m fine”

It was already past midnight when Regina left the diner and headed home. Emma and Henry had decided to go home a couple of minutes ago and Regina saw no sense in staying any longer as well. She walked down the deserted streets of Storybrook when she suddenly heart noises. She walked around the corner and saw a truck nearing. It was driving way too fast for the narrow street. That wouldn’t have been too bad if not suddenly Pongo came running down the streets. Regina drew in sharp breath when she saw Pongo running across the street. Without giving it a second thought she started running herself. It was a miracle that she actually got to the dog in time. She managed to shove him aside when suddenly out of the corner of her eyes she saw the truck. Too close. Too fast.
‘Maybe that’s it. Maybe finally that’s the end’ That was the last thing before Regina experienced an unbelievable pain and darkness clouding her vision. She was unconscious before she even hit the road.
It was Archie looking for his dog that found Regina lying on the street guarded by a whining Pongo. There was no sight of the truck only a badly hurt woman willing to sacrifice her life for a dog.

“Kid, go right up and brush your teeth, alright?” Emma asked and started on her nightly routine as well when suddenly the quietness of their apartment was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Emma frowned and picked up the phone having the dim feeling that something wasn’t right.
“Sheriff Swan”
“Emma? Hi, it’s Archie. I need you to come to the hospital. Regina got hit by a truck because she saved Pongo. Really Emma, you need to hurry! The driver hit and ran.” Emma froze. Regina.
“Archie, listen, I’m on my way. I’m coming to the hospital as fast as I can, okay?” Without waiting for an answer Emma hung up and made her way out of her apartment. On her way she called her parents asking them to look after Henry until she’d come back.
In less than ten minutes she had reached the hospital. She stormed through the emergency entry and saw already Archie moving towards her.
“Emma, thank god you’re here. Dr. Whale wants to talk to you.” He explained and in that moment Dr. Whale entered the waiting room and motioned for Emma to follow him. They entered room 301. On the bed dressed in one of those horrible hospital dresses laid Regina looking just as white as the wall. Her eyes were closed and the machine next her bed beeped rhythmically.
“How is she?” Emma asked worried.
“She was lucky. There were some internal bleedings and several broken bones including several broken ribs, a sprained wrist and a broken leg but no permanent damage. We were able to stop the bleedings but she still has to stay for about two weeks.” Emma nodded and ran her hand through her curly hair.
“Okay, thank you Dr. Whale.” He nodded only and left the room. Emma sat down next to Regina and took her hand. Unconsciously she let her thumb run over the back of Regina’s hand in a comforting motion.
“Hey there Regina, come on wake up. You’re such a strong woman, come one wake up and talk to me.” Emma whispered quietly. For a short moment she allowed herself to close her eyes and take a deep breath. Something wasn’t right. This was not the Regina she’d gotten to know when she came to Storybrook but this was also not the woman who started having a conscience after the curse broke. Now lying in front of her Regina seemed more like a small child, fragile and innocent and incredible lonely. This woman was all new to Emma.
The room was dark when Emma next opened her eyes. She must have fallen asleep. She was still sitting on the uncomfortable hospital chair holding Regina’s hand. It took Emma a moment to realize what had woken her up. Regina was trashing violently in her sleep whimpering quietly.
“I’m sorry…I’m sorry. Please don..don’t. Henry…Emma. Sorry…”
“Regina!” Emma started shaking Regina gently to wake her up. For a moment Regina stopped then she stirred and rubbed her eyes.
“Regina, are you alright? Are you in pain? Shall I get a nurse?” Emma asked quietly and unconsciously caressed her cheek. Regina just shook her head. Silent tears were running down her pale cheeks.
“Hey, shhh, don’t cry. Please. What’s wrong?”
“I…I can’t take this anymore. I can’t.”
In that moment it hit Emma right in the face. Of course.
“That’s why you endanger your life, right? Next to wanting to save others you hope that…it won’t end well for you, because you can’t take it anymore?” Emma asked cautiously hoping for once to be wrong.
Regina didn’t respond and just turned her head and faced the wall. Suddenly Emma felt a single tear running down her cheek as well. During their time in Neverland they had bonded over their fear of losing Henry and Emma had grown quite fond of Regina. Very fond to be exact.
Emma took Regina’s hand in hers. “Regina, please look at me. We are friends, you can trust me. I won’t judge you. Tell me what keeps you up at night. What bothers you, Regina?”
Emma went quiet hoping that she hadn’t overstepped a boundary when suddenly Regina turned her head facing her once more.
“I can trust you?” She asked carefully. Emma nodded only.
Regina took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she started talking. Talking about everything she didn’t even dare to remember. Things she did but also things that were done to her. Things so horrible that she couldn’t sleep at night. For the first time in over thirty years she allowed herself to find comfort in the presence of another human being. She couldn’t remember the last time when someone listened to her willingly. She was so glad to have Emma. Maybe her mother would claim this to be weakness but to her Emma was her life-saver to keep her from drowning in her darkness.
Emma listened. She did not once interrupt Regina. When her emotions overwhelmed the brunette Emma stroked her hair and brushed her tears away. It was a couple of hours later when Regina stopped talking and waited for Emma to stand up and leave.
‘She will leave but how can I blame her. How could she ever like me after all the things I just revealed about me?’ Regina thought to herself.
Instead of leaving Emma stood up and climbed onto the bed and crawled under the blanket and hugged Regina.
“Emma, what are you doing? How can you stand to be near me when I’ve done such horrible things, when I destroyed your life. I could understand if you want to leave me.”
“Do you want me to leave?” Regina looked at Emma. Then she leaned forward and rested her head in the crook of Emma’s neck. Sobs shook her little form and she had never looked more fragile and small to the blonde.
“Please don’t leave me. Please…Emma, please.” Regina whimpered and grabbed Emma’s arm in a death grip.
“Ouch” Emma laughed quietly and pulled the brunette closer. “I won’t leave you, I promise. I will never leave you.”
The next time she looked at Regina the older woman had fallen asleep. Emma closed her eyes as well and drifted into a dreamless slumber.

When Emma opened her eyes she was looking directly in the deep brown eyes of a very broken Regina Mills.
“Hey” Emma said and Regina smiled back. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes.
“Good morning, did you sleep well?” Emma shrugged and sat up. She ran one hand through her hair easing out some knots.
“Regina, you need help.” Regina closed her eyes and turned away.
‘Here we are again’ Emma thought and put a reassuring hand on Regina’s shoulder.
“Regina, telling you this is not my way of running away from you and also from my responsibilities, quite the opposite in fact. I want to help you. I want you to overcome all the things that haunt you. I know that you believe that you can’t be redeemed but that’s wrong. I know you can because in your heart you are good. And good always wins, right Regina?” This time Regina’s smile reached her eyes.
“Will you stay with me?” Regina asked. Emma nodded.
“Then I’ll accept help. As soon as I’m home I’m going to make an appointment with Dr. Hopper.”

A couple of days later Regina was released. Her injuries had not been as severe as it appeared in the beginning and therefore she was allowed to go home if she promised to take it slow. Emma had volunteered to temporarily move in with her to look after her.
While Emma drove them to Regina’s mansion nobody spoke a word. When the vehicle came to a halt in front of the house Regina spoke for the first time.
“Why what?”
“Why are you doing this for me? Why are you helping me?” Emma was quiet for a minute.
“Because I care about you.”
“Oh, Regina you are worse than a four year old kid. I mean why not, I like you okay? You are Henry’s mother and he would be devastated if something happened to you.” For a moment sadness flickered over Regina’s beautiful face.
“I understand.” Regina answered and got out of the car. Her voice was cold as ice. She grabbed the crutches from the back seat and limped towards the front door. Emma quickly caught up with her.
“There’s something else Regina. I would be devastated as well…if something happened to you, I mean.”
“Thank you Emma. I appreciate it very much.”
Quickly they entered the house and Emma made Regina settle down on the couch immediately.
“You are going to stay here and I’m going to make us some dinner, alright?” Regina raise one perfect eyebrow questionably.
“What? I can cook. I know you think I can’t but in fact I’m a very good cook. You will see!” Emma said and left the living-room. Regina shook her head laughingly.
Half an hour later the bell rang, it was Henry. He immediately stormed towards his brunette mother and hugged her tightly. Both his mothers had decided that they wouldn’t tell their son about Regina’s problems and just present her heroic saving of Pongo as just another thing the good Regina would do.
“Mom, I’m so proud of you, so proud. Thank you! I love you so much! Are you okay again? Snow said that you were lucky and I’m so glad about it. I don’t want you to be hurt, you know that, mom, don’t you?”
Regina laughed quietly and nodded. She knew that he loved her. For quite some time she had doubted his feelings for her but he was only ten. She knew now that he loved her and that was all that mattered.
“I love you too, Henry.”
Emma entered the room and went over to Regina and Henry and told them that dinner was ready. The three of them settled down around the huge dining table.
“What’s for dinner?” Henry asked curiously.
“Home-made Pizza and a green salad” Emma answered and placed a plate in front of each of them.
“I have to admit that I’m impressed, Emma.” Regina admitted after taking her first bite.
“Thank you, your Majesty. But what do you think I’m feeding our son while you are not around?” Emma asked.
“Granny’s?” Regina answered a little unsure.
“No, I would never do that!”
“Emma, don’t lie. We eat there at least once a day.” Henry rolled his eye.
“Henry, don’t stab my back!”
The rest of the evening was spent in a relaxed atmosphere.

When Emma opened her eyes the next morning she left the guest room and went downstairs. Even before she entered the kitchen she could hear Regina talking to someone.
“Thank you, I’ll come over to you later. Good bye.” Regina hung up and turned around facing Emma.
“Good morning, sleepy head.” Regina smiled.
“’d morning. Where will you go in the afternoon?”
“Dr. Hopper. I promised to make an appointment, don’t you remember?”
“Of course I do, Regina. I really think this was the right thing to do. You will see, everything’s going to be fine.” Emma said and hugged the brunette in front of her.
“yes, yes I think so too. I still have a long way to go but you know, finally I have the feeling as if everything can be fine again. Thank you Emma.”
Emma sat down next to Regina on the couch and took the brunette’s hand in her own.
“You are welcome. I want you to be okay because I care about you.”
Before either of them knew what was happening their lips touched in a gentle but passionate kiss. Warmth flooded their bodies and Regina had the feeling that her heart might explode from happiness. They only broke apart when the need for air became too overwhelming.
“Wow…that was… wow” Emma said breathlessly.
“Very eloquently put, my dear, but I agree. Wow” Regina laughed quietly and leaned her head against Emma’s shoulder.
“Do you regret it?” the older woman suddenly asked sounding insecure.
Thoughtfully Emma shook her head and looked Regina directly in the eye.
“Me neither.” Regina said and closed her eyes.
Truly there was a long way for them to go but she wasn’t alone anymore. She would never be alone again.

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9th March 2014

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